Series 4 – Random Facts & Data Posts

Infographics created for posts on Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, or through my blog, as part of analyses related to financial policy, effects of the pandemic, energy, sustainability, mobility, among others.

Sources: Government statistics sites, public data repositories, ICIJ, newspapers.
Data analysis: Spreadsheets, Tableau.
Data Viz: Apple Keynote, Datawrapper, Adobe Illustrator.



Europe remains the king 👑 (at least before COVID)

Despite the colossal effort Europe has made to reduce 25% of its greenhouse gas emissions, it still reigns supreme in aviation emissions, doubling the United States’ ones.

Cutting down emissions not only depends on enabling new technologies and diverting energy sources but also understanding that perpetual economic growth and rising profits are not compatible with nature’s laws. . . .

#carbonemissions #sustainability #aviation #greenhousegases #parisagreement

tw/ig: @isdatanomics


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