Series 3 – Random Facts & Data Posts

Infographics created for posts on Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, or through my blog, as part of analyses related to financial policy, effects of the pandemic, energy, sustainability, mobility, among others.

Sources: Government statistics sites, public data repositories, ICIJ, newspapers.
Data analysis: Spreadsheets, Tableau.
Data Viz: Apple Keynote, Datawrapper, Adobe Illustrator.




Size does matter

Amid the pandemic, schemes to avoid abrupt increases in unemployment have come at an unexpected cost to governments.

In Europe, much of the wage burden on businesses has been covered by furlough schemes. In the US, mainly, the stimulus package has been directly through mailed checks to the population or through credit lines to businesses.

Considering that Europe’s stimulus packages reach 750 billion euros, and around 2.5 trillion dollars in the United States, here is a comparison of the size of the measures taken in these three countries according to the American economy’s size.

TW/IG: @isdatanomics


Inequality – Part II

It is common to hear that income inequality is widening over time. It is a phenomenon applicable to the stock market. If compared, the trends between small capitalized companies vs. highly capitalized ones, you’ll see a clear divergence.

What’s the importance of this? The businesses that are being hit the most by Covid are the smaller ones.

When extending this to the small retail sector, the numbers are grim.

The decisions we make have a huge impact.


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